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It is not a secret that I am quite taken by Amsterdam Noord. Even though I thought I was going to focus on the so-called city beach bars (and yes, a couple of them are also located in this area)

Writing the earlier post about the juice/soup/salad bar Bos in Haarlem got me thinking about the different elements that make up a good day at the beach. Back at home we always have beach bags stuffed with fresh towels, various sized

This post is clearly a little different than usual. Over the weekend was my first time in Katwijk, a small beach town tucked in between Noordwijk aan Zee and Scheveningen. Solange and I had breakfast while it poured bucket-loads outside.

The Kwaku Summer Festival (formerly known as Kwakoe) in Amsterdam Zuidoost has grown from a football tournament in the mid 70s into a display of musical acts, stages for debates and lectures, stands selling food and fashion (as you can tell

Caribbean snacks, sweets and smoothies. Today, an impression of the colorful Mixed by Mel, located on the Nieuwe Binnenweg in Rotterdam. Find out more about Mixed by Mel on: > Facebook > Twitter > Instagram

Meetings and other work-related commitments have kept me from checking out blog-worthy spots in the city at the same pace I have over the past few weeks. However, around the corner of my Amsterdam apartment there is a shipyard turned

A heatwave over the weekend. While that is music to the ears to most residents in Holland, I personally start looking into ways to stay cool. This always results in confused looks and the usual "but you're from the Caribbean where it's

Sunscreen, a cold beverage 'shop', sand to bury your toes under and a spot to park your boat. Today, an impression of Roest, located at Jacob Bontiusplaats in Amsterdam.Find out more about Roest on: > Facebook > Twitter

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