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A couple of days ago my friend Vanessa forwarded an invite she had came across on Facebook. She's on Curacao by the way, but she thought of me since she knows I am checking out the coastal culture in Zuid

I decided to do things a little differently this time around, currently my Macbook and I are sitting in the midst of sun worshippers skipping out on work plus a few lucky tourists who hit the Dutch weather jackpot. After

I'll be the first to admit I'm not the most athletic person you'll meet, I'm not the CrossFit type (have already gotten grief from my friends about this) nor will you find me hanging out amongst the kitesurfing crew. I

Sunshine and deep fried Dutch snacks, just what two Surinamese-island girls need to accompany a catch up session in Zandvoort! Spent yesterday afternoon with my friend Ayra at Rapa Nui, home to some excellent ‘bitterballen’ and from what we could

Whenever the skies go back to gray and the temperatures drop there isn't anything that trying on a gauzy white kaftan or a luminous turquoise sundress won’t fix!The racks at Judy’s are filled with bohemian trends straight from Marrakech, Ibiza, Sydney

With my friend Jelka flying in from Berlin and my friend Nata having the day off, the best way to spend a sunny Friday afternoon is at the beach but of course :) We set off to Zandvoort and were

A beach pavilion in Bloemendaal that's open year round - now we're talking! Its vibrant colors - surely reminiscent of the tropical archipelago off the Panamanian coast San Blas was named for - will brighten up even your rainiest of

Beyond is not referred to as a festival, but rather an open source community - one in which everyone connects to share ideas and inspire one another. A story they say, we will all write together. From the stage tucked

Hurray, I found a piece of home in Zandvoort! Bon Bini Beach is a mobile beach bar that makes its way up and down Zandvoort's shores, offering an array of organic snacks and fresh fruit shakes. Not only do the

Oversized sun loungers and a retro beach shack complete with a stock of vinyl records and its own bar. Today, an impression of Storm, located at Strandweg 8 in Zandvoort.Find out more about Storm on: > Facebook > Twitter > Instagram

Whether it's a day you feel like clearing your head and can use a brisk afternoon walk in the sea breeze or you plan on meeting your girlfriends at the beach for that much needed catch up session - you

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