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Sunny days in the city can be just as unwinding as a day at the beach. I found a spot close to my apartment in Den Haag that caters to those who want just that.Van Prinse's (street) corner coordinates offers

Zuiderstrand was calling me. Of all the beaches I've been on since getting here, I would say it's my favorite so far. A lot of thoughts have been clouding my mind lately, a walk on the beach and a side

Yesterday Gail hosted her pre-birthday drinks at the beachside Barbarossa. Despite the gray clouds and wind gusts it was still packed and was just the right amount of 'gezellig' (for those who don't know this Dutch term this will explain). All in all,

I've been told by several that Zuiderstrand is one of the better beaches along Den Haag's shoreline - they are not wrong! More beach, less people - just like what I'm used to back home.It takes a little stroll through the

Nestled in the dunes of Scheveningen, Beelden aan Zee ('Images or Sculptures at Sea') is a museum I've wanted to visit ever since I first learned about it at the time they featured the sculptures of a well-known Curaçaoan artist

Mood is run by beach lovers.You can tell by that carefree aura that envelopes you as soon as you step onto its floorboards, the kind that makes you want to kick your shoes off and go barefoot.Not all places can

When you put yourself out there with a name like 'Mister Chocolate' let's face it - you're setting the bar quite high and people are really expecting you to deliver. Well, Meneer Chocola definitely has the goods. Cocoa filled delights plus a surfer chic

A couple of days ago my friend Vanessa forwarded an invite she had came across on Facebook. She's on Curacao by the way, but she thought of me since she knows I am checking out the coastal culture in Zuid

I decided to do things a little differently this time around, currently my Macbook and I are sitting in the midst of sun worshippers skipping out on work plus a few lucky tourists who hit the Dutch weather jackpot. After

I'll be the first to admit I'm not the most athletic person you'll meet, I'm not the CrossFit type (have already gotten grief from my friends about this) nor will you find me hanging out amongst the kitesurfing crew. I

Sunshine and deep fried Dutch snacks, just what two Surinamese-island girls need to accompany a catch up session in Zandvoort! Spent yesterday afternoon with my friend Ayra at Rapa Nui, home to some excellent ‘bitterballen’ and from what we could

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