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Yesterday afternoon I passed Haalemmerhout, the park where they are busy setting up the grounds for ‘Bevrijdingspop’, which is known to be one of the biggest and longest running festivals of it’s kind in the Netherlands. May 5th is a

Today marks the first day of STRand and Stilettos - my summer journey back to Holland re-discovering beach life along the Dutch coast. To my surprise, the sun was actually out to greet me as the plane landed yesterday (a

The ParadiseWorld Festival is coming back home to Curaçao, and this time they’re bringing the renowned Winter Music Conference with them! In 3 years’ time ParadiseWorld has grown from a one-night event to a complete music conference experience complete with

Kuenta i Tambu is known for their unique blend of Curaçao’s traditional sound with today’s electronic beats. As the end of the year approaches marking Curaçao's tambu season, Basserk Records just released KiT's video for their new (super sick!) track Santa Electra - definitely

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