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Café de Ceuvel

Meetings and other work-related commitments have kept me from checking out blog-worthy spots in the city at the same pace I have over the past few weeks. However, around the corner of my Amsterdam apartment there is a shipyard turned office park filled with self-sustaining workspaces run out of former houseboats. Among these creative and social enterprises, Café de Ceuvel has sprouted along the waterway – a pavilion built using upcycled materials from the Amsterdam harbor and the beach of Scheveningen. The tabouleh and deconstructed cheesecake on the menu are prepared in the kitchen run on bio-gas, where zero-waste and recycling is high on the list of priorities. Clearly, this is a place I can’t keep from sharing with you! So as a jazzy Elis Regina tune tumbles out of their speakers, I shall let the pictures do the talking!image3image2image1IMG_9597IMG_9599IMG_9600IMG_9598

Korte Papaverweg 4
1032 KB Amsterdam

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