Writing the earlier post about the juice/soup/salad bar Bos in Haarlem got me thinking about the different elements that make up a good day at the beach. Back at home we always have beach bags stuffed with fresh towels, various sized

I'll be the first to admit I'm not the most athletic person you'll meet, I'm not the CrossFit type (have already gotten grief from my friends about this) nor will you find me hanging out amongst the kitesurfing crew. I

Whether it's a day you feel like clearing your head and can use a brisk afternoon walk in the sea breeze or you plan on meeting your girlfriends at the beach for that much needed catch up session - you

Yesterday afternoon I passed Haalemmerhout, the park where they are busy setting up the grounds for ‘Bevrijdingspop’, which is known to be one of the biggest and longest running festivals of it’s kind in the Netherlands. May 5th is a

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