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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is behind Sand And Stilettos

Gaby Lieuw grew up on the island of Curaçao and recently moved back after attending university and years of working in Europe. She started Sand and Stilettos as an informative blog about the Dutch Caribbean islands, along the way discovering her passion to help others plan their holidays to Curaçao and so decided to begin offering a variety of tailor-made travel services. Sand and Stilettos has grown to include new concepts including a (co)work/vacation initiative aimed at digital nomads and a blog project on exploring beach life in the Netherlands.

Private Trips: What does a customized day on Curaçao with Sand and Stilettos look like?

A. The day begins at 8:30 AM, 9:30 AM, 10:00 AM or 2:30 PM, when you will be picked up at your preferred location (e.g. hotel, apartment, villa). A day tour can be booked for up to 6 hours and a sample itinerary of such a day is as follows: Spend the morning exploring various areas of Curaçao’s national park – from more wooded areas to viewpoints overlooking rolling hills to the jagged cliffs that make up the island’s north coast. Enjoy a local lunch at an old plantation house. An afternoon of beach hopping to see the more well-known shorelines of Curaçao, plus a couple of smaller but more charismatic bays that boast the same clear waters. Wrap the day up with some snorkeling at one of the locals’ favorite spots.

Private Trips: Can Sand and Stilettos accommodate tours for people with special needs?

Anybody who can be accommodated will be accommodated (given availability)! Be sure to notify her of your party’s special requirements when you contact her, each request is handled on a case-by-case basis and discussed with you in detail. Gaby can tell you whether the vehicle in question does or does not have the facilities to accommodate your group, given your specific scenario.

Private Trips: I will have access to my own transportation while on Curaçao, can Sand and Stilettos still help me?

Certainly! Sand and Stilettos can also put together a tailor-made itinerary of activities, restaurants and so on for an indicated period (this can cover your entire stay, or just a number of days). This will not only take your group’s preferences into account but also factors such as the estimated time taken for different activities and so how many you can cover in one day. An itinerary will include a tip or two describing what you can do once you get to a location. A sample description is as follows: Picnic @ Christoffel Park (Curaçao’s National Park) — Pack breakfast or lunch and take the Savonet Plantation & North Shore car route (purchase a coin at the park’s office/gift shop to get past the gate). After driving for a couple of minutes you will see a small ‘picnic’ sign on your right hand side. Park the car and take a short walk into the woods where you will find a table in the middle of a clearing. No need to worry about the heat, the brush overhead is thick enough for you to remain nice and cool while enjoying your meal!

Private Trips: How does Sand and Stilettos show travelers around Curaçao?

In a 2013 Toyota Hilux, a comfortable and reliable pickup truck with air conditioning.

Private Trips: I just received the proposed list of activities from Sand and Stilettos, what’s next?

After you have received the customized proposal from Gaby you have the opportunity to tweak and finalize this proposal together. Gaby will then take care of all the necessary reservations plus your transportation to/from activities and sites. All you will need to take care of is packing your suitcase, passport and turning your switch on to vacation mode so get in touch today!

Private Trips: I will be traveling to Curaçao soon, how can Sand and Stilettos help me?

Refer to Gaby as your personal travel advisor, concierge, guide or what have you – she can help make the most of your time on Curaçao, filling your vacation with activities you want to do and sights you want see, allowing you to leave the maps and rental car behind. You and your fellow travelers can best spend your well-deserved vacation maximizing your “island time”, and what better setting to do so than surrounded by sun-soaked colonial charm and glittering turquoise bays?

Private Trips: What do customized travel/tours services on Curaçao entail?

At Sand and Stilettos, everything is tailor-made according to your preferences when you’re visiting Curaçao. Whether you prefer your day laidback or jam-packed, soaking up the sunshine or culture and history – everything is possible! Your itinerary will be designed, reservations (if necessary) will be made on your behalf, you will be picked up/dropped off at all sites and activities or get a guided tour if that is what you prefer.

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