Introducing: The Faux Pod(cast)

I was determined to mark the launch of the new Sand and Stilettos site with something different. Kimberly de Freitas (8 The Experience) and I have been playing around with the idea of a podcast for quite some time now. We both love listening to pods, lately in particular we enjoy interviews of creative female entrepreneurs turned influencers or vice versa. These entrepreneurs are usually based the US, more specifically in New York and LA, oftentimes shuttling between both. But what about the entrepreneurs running businesses in the Caribbean region? Does a (much) smaller market with an even smaller pool of talent to recruit from heighten your creativity as a business owner? How much can a micro-influencer’s clout mean in a smaller community? Also, the power and the pitfalls of a smaller social circle– how realistic is it to think a group can alter an island’s social landscape? We have questions! But we’ll take it one step at a time, starting with intros –I’m up first.

Warning: our first attempt at a “podcast” is quite hilarious – hovering around my phone, on Kim’s bed in a closed room to try and minimize outside noise. We have no legit audio equipment, Kim is attempting to turn the pages of her notebook in the quietest way possible as I am trying not to crack up in the process of answering the question. There is no iTunes link with a cute animated logo, sticking to good ole’ Soundcloud for now. Hence the name: Faux Pod :) Editing and cheesy intro music selection cred goes to Iven Zeijdel. Happy listening!

Photo credit: Claudia Sanches 

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