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Sand & Stilettos on Instagram!

Waking up and finding an email from Instagram in your inbox isn’t the usual way I start my day, but I certainly wasn’t going to complain! They wrote that they were posting a location piece about Willemstad on their blog and asked if I would be willing to answer some questions about living on the island – who would say no to that? I was already happy to hear such a huge platform that reaches so many people was focusing on Curaçao. The fact that I got the chance to a part of it was just icing on the cake :-) The next day after lunch, my phone lit up and the notifications didn’t stop for hours on end. The Willemstad feature was not just posted on their own Instagram account, but also on Facebook and on Twitter. I had to recharge my phone 3 times that day and did so gladly of course! Thank you for making my week, Instagram!

Link to the blog post on Willemstad:

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