Spotted> STROOP

It is not a secret that I am quite taken by Amsterdam Noord. Even though I thought I was going…

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Beach Buys

Writing the earlier post about the juice/soup/salad bar Bos in Haarlem got me thinking about the different elements that make up…

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Katwijk aan Zee

This post is clearly a little different than usual. Over the weekend was my first time in Katwijk, a small…

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Kwaku Summer Festival

The Kwaku Summer Festival (formerly known as Kwakoe) in Amsterdam Zuidoost has grown from a football tournament in the mid…

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Spotted > Mixed by Mel

Caribbean snacks, sweets and smoothies. Today, an impression of the colorful Mixed by Mel, located on the Nieuwe Binnenweg in…

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Café de Ceuvel

Meetings and other work-related commitments have kept me from checking out blog-worthy spots in the city at the same pace…

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