The Faux Pod: Beck Jewels

Aaaaand we’re back with another Faux Pod! So I know I promised that the next pod would be me interviewing Kim, but with all the end of the year madness and our crazy schedules it worked out a little differently. In the midst of the holiday party marathon, we managed to sneak in some pod time with Rebecca Zeijdel-Paz, the creative force behind Beck Jewels! Now available in stores from LA to Kuwait to Santorini, this gorgeous line is currently being handcrafted by Rebecca herself in Brooklyn – but Beck’s story started with beads she collected at a market in Italy and the sale of her first designs happened right here on Curaçao. We cover it all here on the Faux Pod, from how she started wondering when anyone on the island would notice her pieces on display to Lady Gaga actually wearing a pair of her earrings while attending Academy Awards nominee luncheon. Casual :) Okay, now get to listening!

Editing cred: Iven Zeijdel

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And for those of you who missed the introduction to the Faux Pod where Kim interviews me about my journey to entrepreneurship in the Caribbean after corporate life at Microsoft in Amsterdam, here’s the link again:

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